Italian excellence

“Made in Italy” is more than just a collection of words, it is decidedly a work philosophy. Contrary to what one wants to believe today, in the past this term was in fact synonymous with the immutable values of “know-how”.

Ceramica Gazzini is inspired by these values.



The company began and has grown together with its specific market. Over time it has come to be appreciated and taken on its own strength, personality, quality and reliability.
Ceramica Gazzini has made use of technology and knowledge from the market and to it has returned substance, beauty and tradition.



Ceramica Gazzini has always been mindful of the needs and opinions of its customers. Eschewing the strong aesthetic trends and fashions of the moment, Ceramica Gazzini offers products designed to last a long time, which never lose their appeal, with a limited but timeless assortment of colors, and a vast array of details that are able to meet the challenges of the most demanding customizations. All these qualities have been critical to the company’s success; this is also supported by the fact that, in the catalog, the average life span of a Ceramica Gazzini collection is seven years compared with only three years for similar products.



Operations which require consistency, availability, flexibility, simplicity and a genuine commitment to providing prompt customer satisfaction are not overlooked; in extreme cases, for example, even a single piece may be sent one day after receipt of the order.



Use of only the finest materials from selected sites, dedication and diligence in carrying out transformation processes and the amount of attention to detail expressed in each design, all contribute to round out the full range of care that has earned Ceramica Gazzini success for more than forty years of “Italian style” work.



Logo CEThe CE marking provides the best guarantee for the consumer and his safety.
It is granted only after suitable technical documentation has been presented and specific laboratory tests have been performed successfully in accordance with the provisions of the relevant European Directive 89/106/EEC and harmonised standard EN 14411 “Ceramic tiles – definitions, classification, characteristics and marking”.
The CE marking is displayed on all Ceramica Gazzini product packages.
DECLARATION OF PERFORMANCE No. GZN001 and DECLARATION OF PERFORMANCE No. GZN002 are available for download here.